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Lächelnd medizinisches Personal

How do We place our nurses in Germany?

  • Are you a nurse?

  • Are you motivated for a new work challenge?

  • Are you thinking of a career opportunity in Germany?


Then you are here at the right place because we will work together to turn your idea into reality.

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Socrates, father of Western philosophy says:
"The secret of change is to focus all your energies not on fighting the old but on building the new."

Based on trust, reliability, and innovation, we have developed a new, unique, and freely available method so that you can start your future in Germany without any worries.
Depending on your skills and experience, we will find the right job for you, where you can feel comfortable and where you can support your new work team.

Also based on a large-scale online survey of nurses in many countries around the world, who want to start a new career in Germany, we summarize five of the most common obstacles they have encountered. Maybe one or more of them affect you too.

  1.  My salary is not high enough to be able to finance additional German courses.

  2. In the place I live is no language school where I can learn German. Moving to another city to learn German is not possible for me.

  3. Local employment agencies for those who are looking for a job as a nurse in Germany demand a lot of money, and an employment contract is usually not guaranteed.

  4. Most of the local employment agencies for nurses in Germany are not honest about future work tasks and particularly the expected salary.

  5. I've learned German up to level B1, but I can't find an employer until now.

We became aware of these problems, so we created a working concept that eliminates all of them.

What will we do for your future plan?


Depending on the employer's requirements, we will offer you free German courses up to level B1/B2.


We will correct your application documents, improve them if necessary, and translate them.


Together with your employer, we will take over the task of issuing your work visa.


We will look after you and support you for six months after the start of your work.


We will cover the costs of translating your documents.


We will prepare you for the interview with your employer.


We will cover the costs of the B1 and B2 exams if you pass them.


We will take over the process of recognizing your degree as a nursing professional.


If necessary, we will provide an interpreter for the interview.


We will be waiting for you at the airport upon your arrival to take you to your accommodation

What do you have to do for it?

  • Create an account on our platform to become part of our international community (click here to create an account)

  • fill out the form truthfully

  • Upload your CV in English

we will contact you as soon as possible

What's next?

First of all, we welcome you to our international community!
We are in daily contact with many hospitals and clinics throughout Germany, which give us the requirements of the nurses they need. 

Based on their information, we search our community for the right nurses for them. We will then send them your application documents after your approval. 

If they are interested in you as a future employee, we will organize an interview for you. 

Before that, we will prepare you for the interview.
If there is a mutual interest, we will conclude an agency contract with you.
From this point on, you don't have to worry about anything else, because we'll take care of the rest as described above.

If you have any questions, please write us a message in the chat or send us an email

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